Foods That Are Good With Protein

One of the most common misconceptions I have heard so far about protein is that it is something that is only for body builders or athletes; other than that, it serves no purpose to people who just want to have a healthy life. However, the good thing here is that protein is not something that you can find in vending machines, and you can eat at your gym and feel pumped up – there are several health benefits. Protein is a great source for rebuilding the tissues in your body, including your muscle fibers that tear apart during exercise. Another benefit of protein is that it also takes longer to digest; meaning a protein diet will help you stay full for longer, defeating your food cravings.

The good thing about protein is that it is available in so many different day–to-day food items that we sometimes don’t even notice that. To make things easier for everyone, I am going to talk about some of the foods that are rich with protein so the next time you start working out, or you start your diet, you at least have the proper idea of what you should go for.


Eggs are perhaps one of the best source for protein that you can find; not only that, eggs happen to be pretty versatile as well – meaning that you can cook them in a variety of different methods that basically suit your taste buds and needs. You can have eggs for breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner, and there are so many different recipes that you can opt for to make the experience a whole lot better for yourself and your taste buds.

Chicken Breast

Although chicken as a whole is a great source of protein, you should know that if you want to get the best cut with the highest amount of protein then nothing compares to the chicken breast. It is lean meat, and filled with protein, however, the one complain that I often hear from a lot of people is that they tell me that chicken breast gets bland after a while – the good thing here is that it does need to get bland as you can actually use a combination of different marinades, as well as different seasoning.


Another seriously rich in protein food item is salmon; and when I say seriously rich, I mean it. For every 100 grams of salmon, you get 22-25 grams of salmon. That is a lot, and it certainly serves the purpose as the higher the protein, the better it feels. That is one reason why you get so full after eating not a lot of salmon, or some other protein rich fish for that matters.


If you thought Popeye is eating all that spinach and getting strong for no reason at all, you thought wrong. Spinach is actually a lot better than most of the vegetables as it has a lot of protein in it that makes you feel a lot better as well.