What Are The Differences between a Hijab And an Abaya?

When it comes to dress code for Muslim women, many non-muslims find it hard to differentiate between different types of veils and head scarfs. From burqa to abaya, there are several forms of pieces of fabric that tell about the religious faith of the women. Some ladies prefer to only cover their hair with a hijab while others find wearing abaya much better as it completely covers their face only leaving the open portion for eyes. These are basic clothing mode for all Muslim women that want to be modest in their everyday life and follow the teachings of Islam. Not only Muslim women wear veils or a scarf, as it is entirely up to them to cover them up without any compulsion.

Abaya is a long and loose piece of fabric like a robe that is worn by women mostly in Middle-East and African countries. This clothing covers the entire body of a lady from her shoulders or neck to her toes, only leaving the head area uncovered. In most cases every Muslim women who chooses to wear abaya also wears a headscarf in order to complement the entire modest dressing. The word abaya and burqa can be interchangeably used as they both mean the same thing; the former word is used in Arabian Peninsula while the latter is widely used in India and Pakistan. If you want to enrich your life by wearing high quality abayas, then you can find the best sale offer on the webpage of Hijab New Look now.

When appearing in public, Muslim women might also wear to wear hijab that goes well with any type of dressing whether it is eastern or western. Hijab only covers the hair of a woman and doesn’t cover the entire body.