Stick to Only Gold or Platinum Earrings

Our advice might seem a little unusual because many people opt for metal, silver or other materials when it comes to their earrings. The reason they do this is to save cost and while it serves its purpose, there are some disadvantages too. We always support wearing earrings made of gold or platinum only and there are a couple of reasons behind it.

It does not matter whether the earring has gemstone, some intricate design or is plain, never go for materials other than the ones mentioned above. If you go to this site, you will notice that the material that backs up the gemstone earrings is always precious. We have listed down some of the reasons to wear only gold or platinum earrings.

No Allergies

Platinum and gold are those two materials that are known to not cause any sort of allergic reactions which is why many people with sensitive skin are suggested to only buy jewelry made up of this material. When you are getting your ear pierced with earrings made of other material and have sensitive skin, you will notice after some days that the earrings have started to irritate your skin. Many jewelers recommend to only use gold or platinum earrings in new piercings as that saves the person from infections and keloids.


The worst mistake that people make while getting an order made for precious earrings is they choose material like silver, stainless steel or other. What they fail to realize is that it decreases the value of the earrings altogether. If the material used is gold or platinum, the value will increase tenfold.


There is no doubt that gold and platinum earrings last much longer than earrings made from any other materials. They can withstand time and other damages easily.