Should You Know The Different Types of Massage Tables?

Massage tables are equipment that should be bought after a lot of consideration which is why it is necessary to know the different types so that you do not end up purchasing the wrong kind. You can find out the best massage table overview at but we will be talking about the different types available so that our readers can be aware of the choices that they have.


This is the kind of massage table that you get to see at the massage parlors. As they are stationary, it is not easy to pack them up or move them around which is why it is a good idea to keep them in a place where all the massages will take place and not move it from there. This kind is popular with massage salons since they have long term use of the tables and have a designated space where they conduct all the massages so they do not need to move the table at all and if you have an area appointed for massages then you can place this table there.


If you are getting massaged at home and you have not yet decided a particular spot for your massages then the portable table is best for you as you can stow it away and only bring it out when it is time for your massages.


If you often work with your clients then a hydraulic massage table would be a good idea as you would be able to adjust the table according to the physique and need of the client without telling them to move and adjust in different positions for their massage.


The purpose of the electric table is the same as hydraulic but the change can take place by just pressing a few buttons.