Ping Pong Gripping Styles

Depending on which type of player you are there are different grip styles that you can use in ping pong. Different grips affect your shots and how you play the game. Here is a list of some of the basic ping pong gripping styles:

Shakehand Grip

This is one of the most commonly used gripping style in ping pong. As the name implies, you hold your ping pong paddle in a way in which you go for a handshake. You can adjust your grip in a way that is comfortable for you and can rest your thumb on either the rubber or the blade of your paddle.

V Grip

The V grip is difficult to pull off on an ordinary paddle as you have to hold it with just your forefinger and thumb, although, there are paddles that are designed to pull off this kind of gripping style. Usually, this gripping style is used by a player who wants to excel in the spinning department.

Penhold Grip

As the name suggests this grip imitates the writing stance, just like how you hold a pen. It is one of the classic styles of holding a ping pong paddle. It can be difficult to use during backhand play, however, it is still one of the most effective ways to grip a paddle.

Seemiller Grip

This gripping style is named after Dan Seemiller, he was a champion ping pong player. This gripping style is similar to the shakehand grip, the only difference is that in this gripping style the forefinger is used to secure the paddle on the outside exterior rim. It is difficult when playing backhand shots, however, the gripping style is powerful and throw off the opponents by using defensive tactics.