How to Identify a Rodent Infestation

Most people abhor mice and associate them with filth, disease, and even death, this is because of the fact that mice, and any other type of rodent can bring with it a large variety of viruses and diseases. Rodent infestations are quite common unfortunately since these animals are incredibly robust and breed like crazy, its takes a female mice roughly 2 months to produce a litter of baby mice, each littler can have around 6 to 8 mice and single female can produce around 10 litters in a year. Meaning that a single pair of mice can quickly produce an army of rodents, all of them scurrying under your floor and through your home’s walls.

The biggest problem with mice is that they are discreet, they only come out in the dark and leave very minuscule signs of activity. These signs include holes in food packaging, randomly nibbled food items in your house. Mice droppings in the corners of your house, and in case of bigger rodent, you can sometimes hear them moving about during the night. If you spot any one of these signs in your home then you should immediately call in an expert rather than trying to solve the problem on your own.

Expert rodent control service providers such as Smithereen are capable of handling a rodent infestation much more effectively since they know exactly what to do to eliminate an entire colony and prevent them from settling down in your property again. Smithereen has years of experience and a highly capable team of professional who are equipped with the right tools for the job. Smithereens offers a free of cost inspection that will let you know exactly what kind of mice infestation are you dealing with and then help you get rid of it.