How to Get Yourself to Run

There are only a few instances where a person would run. In one instance, they might be running if they’re being chased by something. A person may also run after someone if they were to steal from them and make a dash for it. However, the type of running we’re concerned with there is when a person runs to get some exercise. Now not a lot of us have the motivation to get our body to start running when the latter two running conditions aren’t met.

If you get a run into your schedule, you’ll feel so much better about yourself and at the same time, you’ll also become a much healthier individual. Again, the reason why all of us already know the benefits and still don’t run is simply because they lack the motivation and have too many excuses about why they can’t run. If you’re looking to leave these excuses behind, then is the right page for you. Here’s what you can do to make yourself run more often.

Set a Goal

Your goal needs to be realistic. If you decide to go all out and run for an hour on your first day, you’ll exhaust both your body and your motivation for the entire week. You need to adjust both your body and mind to your running. Start small, start at 15 minutes if you must and work your way up as your stamina improves.

Make Time

If your excuse to not run is that you don’t have the time for a run, then it’s up to you to make time. You have 12 waking hours in your day at the very least. There’s no way you can’t get some run time in there. If the park’s too far then get yourself a treadmill.